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Sometimes it is the sun and sometimes just the dirt, oil and pollution that darkens our skin and takes away the glow. And we faced by the dilemma to decide which face pack to go for to remedy our darkening skin! Well, no worries! Because Sativa Face wash products have all that you need to know to get your fair and glowing skin back! Don’t need to waste money on expensive products in the market when you can get the best results by following these products for lighter and brighter skin!

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Sativa Whitening Face Wash
Sativa Face Wash is made from the extracts of Nigella Sativa, orange and grapes. It protects your skin from the harmful after-effects of makeup, oily skin, dullness, toxic matters hidden in the pores of your skin and from the day long dirt on your face and keeps face delicate, glowing and fresh.In order to maintain natural moisture of your skin, Sativa Face Wash is made from special mixture. A special pH balancing formula of Sativa Face Wash maintains your skin’s natural moisture. The presence of Nigella Sativa extract in Sativa Face Wash protects your skin from aging effects and creates a unique brightness.
RS: 85.00
Sativa Acne & Pimples Face Wash
ativa acne & pimples face wash specially formulated with extracts of Neem & Aloe Vera helps to cleans the skin thoroughly while offering continuous moisture protection . Neem and Aloe Vera well Known for its anti-bacterial properties, kill bacteria and turmeric effectively control Acne & Pimples. Use regularly for clear soft and pimples free skin.
RS: 90.00
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